Way how to be ideal professionals for IT Companies

Working in an IT organization is something many people think of. And those who are working in an IT field and that’s really an enjoyable part of their life. So they must be thankful to the organization. But there are lots of ways how can we express our thanks to these organization. Any company is known for its healthy and pleasant environment. Hence, everyone should try to create a desirable environment in the company also. Being professional at everywhere, every time is what we are asked, and we also try to present ourselves as professionals. There are, however, quite a few common traits when it comes to being professional. This includes the following tips:

1. Competence. Have the confidence that you have the skills and knowledge to finish your job very well

2. Reliability. COmplete any task asap you can do. Get others be rely on you. This way you can be a milestone for the company.

3. Honesty. Just be honest and tell everything clearly for what is done and what is pending

4. Integrity. Let your inner principal be the authority to make your personality be developed

5. Respect For Others. Treat all people very respectfully. This is how you can create a much better environment.

6. Self-Upgrading. Come and daily read the news and updated of the market, and keep yourself staying current.

7. Being Positive. Dont be a part of the problem but be the part of Solutions.

8. Supporting Others. Supporting your colleagues means to win the game easily

9. Stay away of Personal Matters. Don’t let your personal matter interfere your responsibilities.

10. Listening Carefully. Everyone wants to be heard, so let other having a chance to explain their ideas properly.

11. Work Focused:– While you work just keep yourself busy in your work instead you talk to your colleagues just for gossips too much.

12. Keep Silence: Silence is necessary part of your working environment. Don’t create noise that can disturb your colleagues and may interrupt the smooth work progress.

13. Influence Behavior: Show your ultimate behavior. It’s the main reason why new comer sometimes makes lot difference than the older employees with their sweet behave.

14. Prove yourself as an Asset: Create a difference between you and your colleagues through your smart work not by politics

15. “I Don’t Have Time”:– Show your ability and never say that you don’t have time for anything. Instead put a solid reason that it could take some more time to finish the job.

16. Be Punctual:- Punctuality is what that is counted at the first point. So come on time and work for the minimum asked hours in the organization.

17. Dressing Sense:– Dress yourself according to the office environment. Comb your hair nicely.

18. Confidence Level:- Keep your confidence level at high point. But avoid being over confident.

19. Calmness:- It is very necessary that you keep yourself calm so that you can focus on your job more effectively.

20. Be Polite:- While saying anything to your managers or colleagues “Be Polite”.

21. Produce Newer Ideas: – Always think what else ideas you can use to complete your tasks smartly.


These are a few points that can lead us to start acting like IT industry’s employee. So let us have this oath that we will follow the tips and would prove ourselves as the assets of the company by our honesty, calmness, polite behavior, supporting one another and being punctual with good dressing sense.


Bing Webmaster Tool with New Prospectus


Like Google, Bing has also started making change over in its accessories. Now the time is of updation in its Webmaster tool. Bing has named it Phoenix and is being called “new, fresh user experience” its self by Bing. Some rumures are there as it resembles near the Yahoo Site Explorer. The changeover is only to give user specific experience over the management of data and look out of nevigation for their searching options and finding data easily with less time.

Just log into your Bing Webmaster tool, you will notice that the small fonts and themes in blue and orange color have gone by the wayside. Find large display with widish strip and the touch friendly links taking place of old start page for a fresh an new look. The colorful metrics have been provided for easy understanding of marking your goals. Green icons arrows point the increase level and red one to decrease level. Dashboard metrics displays the Search impressions for your keywords and clicks for targeted search term as well as the crawling data. It would be great experience for the users to have such a grand dashboard to use for various reports to direct the website in right direction.

There are lot of options for you to see the reports if you want or just turn those matrics options on or off. You can find easily as much as data you want with the nevigation trapped for your help. With just a mouse click you can see a particular date’s data. Now you can get the systematic data where you just need to rethink if that is not up to mark. For more information you can visit here

Google Panday version 3.7 Updation

Once again the new updation by Google on 8th June 2012 confirmed by Google itself. It was Panda refreshment update 3.7. According to Google officials this refreshment was launched on friday and it has an impact of 1% in USA region while 1% in worldwide.

Now it seems Google has decided to pay attention on Panday and Penguien updation on monthly basis as they have found its working for users and giving a penalty to non-usable sites. Google had updated version 3.6 in last phase of April month.

This updation has now made this confirm that no more existense for those blackhat seo and non-quality sites. Now the web owners are looking to any update where they can found basic tips of get rid of any penality that may cause the ranking to go down. Even do I :).

Search Engine Land official make this information online. YOu can read here for more detailed information:

What Kind of Link Building Required after Penguine Update

Since the Google has made the update Penguin, most of the webmaster are seeking what to do next on Link building. What kind of links they should go with for their website that may offer them higher ranking. Google has updated perhaps the most vibrant update that has shaken the house of many of us. Somewhere everyone is on back foot and looking for SEO Tips so that they can recover their sites after being hit by Penguin. I have also researched a lot and have something for you.

As Google has updated a new algorithm that has changed all the perception to be rethought. It’s a time to start from the basic things for everything whether you do ON page or off page. Linking, a few months, was considered the most impact way to get ranking but now everyone is wandering if the links to be removed or to keep them, they are also in a situation where they are not in position to decide what to do now with links.

Google new update Penguin which is also being called the web spam has put those website down which are having the poor content or duplicate content which has no benefit for the user point of view. Now the question is “Does the link destroy its importance? Do we need to indulge in link popularity for web site?” The answer is somewhere very fair. If any link which is increasing your link popularity comes from a poor content site, it is not going to pay anything, while if you have no follow link from well known sites, it worthy more than earlier one.

Hence, now the time again to rethink to our Link building policy how can indeed we can increase the link popularity and can get rank and the visitors to our website.

NO To Blogroll Links: – They were regarded as the best valued link but earlier. Now recently they are being paid much attention. Reason simple; Google evaluates only those links which are relevant and providing benefit to its users. Now Blogroll links are spread all over the pages whether its quality page or with no quality. You can not determine also what kind of link can place on all the pages where the blog roll link appears.

I also suspect that Google consider side wide links as spam and has started them penalized specially if those are without any description. So that case may harm your website link if you place as Blog roll Link.

But not the same case everywhere. If you have found the case that the site has Blogroll links, has a very good sense of content with a user specific navigation then it might give a potential benefit for your website through the blog roll link.

Make Sure you don’t place your link where links are stuffed at the side bar or footer or Blogroll links. They might be a great cause of providing a way to penalize your website.

I would prefer to go with Comment Links but if you place your comment in the light of present discussion and the content on the website. Also use to place your link as direct link or hyper your words like “view here” or “click here” or “I have also found another resource here” like this which can attract the visitors and also Google can consider this as a part of user benefit and it can easily be accessed by most no of visitors.

Instead of placing your direct link in the comment, you can make straight point of placing another link which would redirect to your blog and your blog may talk something your website including your link.  The avoidable thing is too many links on the comment. Doing so automatically ring the bell of spam

Social Media Profile Links:-  
May be Google may not follow the profile links from highly visited and popular sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Myspace and other social networking sites but the profile links are indeed producing the juice for visitors point of view.

Editorial Links:-
Indeed today Google is weighing such kinds of links which come from the mid of content which is unique and having sense of giving good information to the visitors. The relevancy should obvious be there as you write your editorial paragraph. Now make sure that you don’t pack your content full of links on all the keywords. Instead place a single or two links in Content and let it be remarkable by the visitors and Google itself.

Guest Post Links:-
Guest posts are those which are written by you for a company; it might be a your own thoughts about the service of that company or it may be a review with generally interesting that is user friendly. So obviously, any one can add your Guest post, providing you a healthy contextual link from that post.

Mailing Links:
As Google has started giving priority to only authentic sites, so we can opt for mailing links which are indeed somewhere provide good value to be added. Such websites may have lots of pages indexed in Google and those sites are indeed in business purposes so it’s today also quite good to be linked with such high quality site; doesn’t matter you link from which page either its resource or link page or some contextual link providing page but any how you are going to be benefited.

Local Business Listing:-
It’s often a great idea if you opt to be linked via your local business listing such as a yellow pages guide where mostly people come for many things to look for. You can add your link and may be benefited in terms of users very sophistical.

Reciprocal Links:-
Now if you are approaching someone to ask for links then it is most in common that you may offer your site as well to reciprocate his/her link for mutually benefit. This is how you can generate some useful links for your website. And the time has come once again that you should now think about it.

Infographic Links:
Infographic Links are those which are based on Image links but the image should be graphical representation. This is somewhat that can attract the visitors and you can get some potential volume of traffic on your website.

Image Links:
Image links have always been count as the very good links in concept of link building. Simply you hyper your logo or any image, describing about your website and get added on the relevant sites.

Text Links:-
Text Links have always played an important role for the ranking of a website. Although in the current phase the Text Links are disregarded but they still have value if posted on sites which have good traffic and brand name. A link with high quality parameter is indeed to going to boost your ranking if placed with care.

Yes to no follow Links:
Although they are considered not being followed by Google. But a recently research have told that Google consider incredible unnatural if all the links are do follow.


Relevancy, good content, user preference and quality site are the first requirement to build a brand name to get the race completed successfully. In absence of these pints you can ran for a little but can not touch the rope even. Google is making its boundary more higher than ever.