Like Google, Bing has also started making change over in its accessories. Now the time is of updation in its Webmaster tool. Bing has named it Phoenix and is being called “new, fresh user experience” its self by Bing. Some rumures are there as it resembles near the Yahoo Site Explorer. The changeover is only to give user specific experience over the management of data and look out of nevigation for their searching options and finding data easily with less time.

Just log into your Bing Webmaster tool, you will notice that the small fonts and themes in blue and orange color have gone by the wayside. Find large display with widish strip and the touch friendly links taking place of old start page for a fresh an new look. The colorful metrics have been provided for easy understanding of marking your goals. Green icons arrows point the increase level and red one to decrease level. Dashboard metrics displays the Search impressions for your keywords and clicks for targeted search term as well as the crawling data. It would be great experience for the users to have such a grand dashboard to use for various reports to direct the website in right direction.

There are lot of options for you to see the reports if you want or just turn those matrics options on or off. You can find easily as much as data you want with the nevigation trapped for your help. With just a mouse click you can see a particular date’s data. Now you can get the systematic data where you just need to rethink if that is not up to mark. For more information you can visit here